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Yoga Workshops

Dedication Program

Dedication Program

March 2, 2024

9:30 PM

A unique and special hybrid program to reignite your devotion, your discipline, and your dedication to yoga. With practices, discussion, and support meetings to stoke your inner fire through commitment and consistency, students will spend the month building an Ashtanga-inspired yoga practice through this intelligently designed program; taught accessibly for all bodies and abilities. Through guidance, conversation, alignment, repetition and virtual weekly ZOOM meetings, you'll explore what incredible shifts can happen in your practice and your life when you consistently show up for yourself.  This 30 days program includes:

- an opening *and* closing ceremony and workshop on ashtanga yoga and the primary series - once a week virtual support ZOOM + discussion - a robust 30 day program with virtual and in-person practices, both guided and self-directed - two classes per week of your choice at Vira Current members get 25% off!

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