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30 Day Dedication Program

Consistency ○ Accountability Self-Practice ○ Discipline

Month-Long Dedication Program
*Fully Virtual*

Hosted by Vira Yoga Collective

A fully virtual launch of the beloved Dedication Program, this option is available to everyone regardless of your location or schedule. Enrollment includes access to a robust online portal with weekly practices, common modifications, and practice guidelines to gradually build a life-long, sustainable Ashtanga-inspired yoga practice
Optional virtual welcome meeting on May 10th will also be recorded for anyone who cannot be there live.

Click the flyer to register!

When does the Dedication Program begin and end?
The program begins on Friday, May 10th with a welcome Zoom meeting at 6:30 PM. It ends on Friday, June 7th with a closing Zoom meeting. Recordings of the virtual meetings will also be made available for anyone who cannot be there live, so please reach out even if these dates and times may not work for you.

Where does the Dedication Program take place?
This iteration of the program is 100% virtual and will only take place through the online portal or the optional meetings on Zoom.

I have a busy schedule... what is the time commitment during the 30 days?
The practice will build over the course of the month, beginning with as little as 15 minutes a day the first week and increasing to 1 hour a day by the final week. Your practice schedule is entirely up to you with a few suggested guidelines. 

What kind of sequence will we be doing?
The sequence is based in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, following the general structure of Ashtanga and borrowing poses from Primary and Second series. It is a balanced and adaptable practice that is appropriate for all levels of experience.
I am pretty new to yoga... is the Dedication Program right for me?
Short answer: YES! 
Slightly longer answer: This program is the perfect way to ease into a yoga practice. Since the daily requirements begin with only a 15-minute practice and plenty of guidance for how to modify the sequence over time, new yoga practitioners will gain valuable insights to build a strong foundation.

I've been practicing yoga for a long time, but rarely on my own... is the Dedication Program right for me?
Short answer: YES!
Slightly longer answer: This program is carefully crafted to help participants develop a self-practice regimen. Through repetition and consistency, you will begin to take ownership over your practice, so it is available to you at all times, even if you cannot be in a class with a teacher.

How will
 I know what to do on my own?
Pre-recorded sequences for each week of the program are available in the online portal. Since the sequence builds on itself, you may try practicing without watching the recording by the end of each week. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Testimonials from Past Participants

The 30 day dedication program created a big shift for me. I’ve been practicing yoga for many years and this experience changed my practice as well as my perception of what I am capable of. The gradual progression of the sequence made it accessible and easy to build on. I feel that I’ve gained some tools I’ll take with me for the rest of my life. I would definitely recommend this program and will be doing it again in the future. 

-Kourtney G

I thought this was an amazing program. I didn’t know what ashtanga yoga was before I did this. It was harder than I expected, but I definitely felt stronger at the end of the month. I was proud of myself for following it pretty faithfully. I also felt I learned more about how my body responds to different poses & how I can use alternate poses/props to still reap the intended benefit. I liked how you gave clear guidance & the weekly check-ins were helpful & supportive. Best of all, I took away that even a little time spent on my mat every day is a good thing. Thank you again.

-Nancy A

Just sending a very, very belated thank you for this dedication course. I just finished a fifteen minute practice, and committed to writing this immediately after, which is one level of what I love about this practice - it makes me take time to do things that matter to me, and be present in my intentions. I had very much fallen out of practice with yoga, in large part because I did think, if I can’t do an hour plus, what’s the point? And even if I did try to do a little on my own, I was never sure what to do! This gave me a structure, and permission to do a quick fifteen minutes, which is just the stage of life I’m in right now. It totally improves my mind, and helps me reset for the rest of my day.  

I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned from you over the years- after tons of firsts and starts, yours was the first class I felt like I could belong in, and that I could stick with. I hope to find a time in my life where I can do an hour of yoga a few times a week, but right now, I’m grateful to do fifteen minutes more days than not.

-Anne B

I feel stronger than I was and am committed to practicing on a regular basis. If I can’t make it to class I can do my own practice at home. I think Joanna is a wonderful teacher and a caring person. I have take yoga for 25 years and find it hard to connect with a lot of the teachers. I highly recommend anyone who is into yoga to take this course. 

-Linda G

I can't thank you enough! As I expected going into this, I got a better understanding of each posture and the comfort to work on each posture at my own pace. What I couldn't have expected was the courage I got from this dedication program. There has definitely been a huge, positive shift on the inside for me and my practice. I think the way the series was broken down showed me I can start a practice at any time, anywhere. If it's 15 minutes, that's fine. If it's an hour, that's equally fine. No guilt or stress. All things I didn't expect and am thrilled to have now!

-Deb G

Just wanted to say thank you for your time and commitment throughout the dedication program. I think the progression week to week is very helpful and that everything can be virtual helped a lot. Overall, the program helped me come back to my yoga practice after being out of touch and helped me get to the “root” of my yoga practice. Why I show up to my mat. Why I’ve chosen time and time again to practice. Me, myself, my mat and nothing else. No music. No time structure. Flexibility to create my own commitment but enough structure to have guidance. Thank you so much again for this program.

-Sayo H

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