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About Joanna Asher

Philosophy ○ Practice Education ○ Experience

Hi! I’m Joanna and I'm so happy you’re here. 


I believe:

Everyone, without exception, can benefit from a consistent and dedicated yoga practice.

The consistency of your practice is far more impactful than the difficulty.  

You are stronger than you think and more capable than you know. 

When you discover your inner strength through the practice of yoga, you will carry it with you into all aspects of your life. 

The practice:

My practice and teaching is derived from the Ashtanga Yoga system popularized by Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. This system involves a strong emphasis on the internal qualities of the practice through specific, deliberate postures and transitions linked together by breath. Though the practice is fluid, it does not move at too quick of a pace, so practitioners have time to pause, breathe, and experience a posture before moving on to the next. I find this to be the perfect balance between the graceful freedom of modern-day vinyasa yoga and the anatomical insight of Iyengar yoga, which is more static and alignment-focused. 

My yoga practice has provided me with a grounding stability amidst the unexpected, sometimes challenging shifts in my life. It is the tether that keeps me rooted and connected to myself and I am committed to helping my students find their own version of that tether. 

What to expect: 
  • Precise cuing.

  • A strong focus on the breath. 

  • A consistent and grounded practice that doesn't get too "fancy". 

  • Expect to work hard, but also be supported, guided, and never feel lost.   

Teaching Experience: 
  • Group and Private yoga instruction since 2009

  • Co-leader of annual Teacher Training Programs since 2017

  • Corporate health and wellness events

  • The Yoga Sutras module for Teacher Training Programs

Notable Trainings & Accreditations:
  • Mat Pilates Certification through Jenna DeRosa & Pilates on Fifth, 2008

  • 200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Training with Patricia Morris, 2010

  • 1-Week Introductory Yoga Training with Richard Freeman, 2011

  • 300-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Training with Patricia Morris, 2013

  • Week-Long Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Training with David Swenson and Shelly Washington, 2014

  • Month-Long Intensive Training with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor, 2016

  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Lectures with Edwin Bryant, over 50 hours from 2010 - 2019

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