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Private Yoga Sessions

Customize Your Practice

Private yoga sessions provide the unique opportunity to truly cater the practice to what you need when you need it. Sessions are offered in the comfort of your own home, at a local studio when schedule allows, or via Zoom. 

(516) 849-8828

One-on-One Yoga Private

A few reasons one on one yoga might be right for you:

  • you are new to yoga and want to get a better understanding of some of the basics before going to a class 

  • you want to fine-tune your alignment in certain poses

  • your schedule doesn’t allow you to come to classes as often as you’d like, but you still want to practice with the guidance of a teacher

  • you are interested in self-practice, but not sure where to begin

  • you want to explore different aspects of yoga beyond those covered in group classes

Small Group Privates

A few reasons why small group privates might be right for you:

  • you and a few of your friends want to set up a yoga class that works specifically with your schedules

  • you prefer to practice with people you know rather than a public class 

  • you are hosting a special event and want yoga to be a part of it (hosting visitors, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, family reunions, etc.)

  • you want to practice yoga in a space that doesn’t typically offer it

Corporate Yoga

A few reasons corporate yoga might be right for your organization:

  • you are looking for a unique way to bond with your coworkers

  • you want to provide a service for your employees that promotes mental and physical well being

  • your workplace is hosting a special event and you want yoga to be a part of it

Personalized Pre-Recorded Practice

A few reasons a personalized pre-recorded practice might be right for you:

  • you want to be able to do a yoga practice that is catered to your needs on your own schedule whenever and wherever you please

  • you are drawn to the idea of a self practice but want a bit of guidance on the way there

  • you have specific needs you'd like to focus on in your practice (ie. physical limitations due to injury or trauma, prenatal or postnatal needs, time constraints, etc.)

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